Golden A'Design Award 2013, Italy

Saxound is a unique concept inspired by some of the leading speakers in the world. It is a fusion of the best innovation that has been made already a few years ago, with a blend of our own innovation, thus making it a whole new experience to the user. The product itself stands for its best in build quality and assembly. It brings a whole new method of manufacturing technique, which will be way more efficient for today's standard. The core elements of Saxound are the cylindrical shape and threading assembly. The dimensions of Saxound is inspired from a regular compact disc of 13 centimeters of diameter and a height of 9.5 centimeters, which can be displaced by one hand. It consists of two 1” tweeters, two 2” mid drivers and one bass radiator. Saxound is majorly divided into four parts, the one button, the base battery, pentagonal module and the module cover (aluminum mesh) and is connected by threading. The main materials used in this speaker are aluminum for its body and polycarbonate for the button. Poly-carbonate is used for its unbreakable reliability since the one button is the only user contact part. Usage of other materials like metals or woods for the button may lead to dents or cracks respectively. This speaker creates a new space in the category of wireless speakers on the basis of manufacturing technique, form-factor, and user experience.
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